Fortifi Bank surprised the Berlin, Wisconsin community with FREE GAS! We partnered with Shell gas station to surprise patrons with full service pumping, candy, dog treats, water, balloons, and good vibes! We love giving back in unexpected ways and showing our clients and community how much we appreciate them! You never know when we’ll take over a store near you!

“We’re here in Berlin today to give away free gas. It’s one of the ways we give back to the community. We’ve been in Berlin 140 years. This is a great way to pay it forward and spotlight our local businesses. We’re happy to be here! Free gas! Free Smiles! Pay it forward!”

“It’s totally awesome out here. We’re having a blast! We love giving back to people and just have them have a good start to the day. It’s always great to get out and have a great start to the morning. We love giving back to the communities, and the people. It’s just unexpected, and super fun. It’s just awesome!”

“Fortifi loves doing this for many different reason, but the primary reason is that we love to give back to the community.”

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Our free Home Buying Guide is filled with local knowledge from Fortifi Bank experts.


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