At the Reality Event, kids get a checkbook and an occupation. They have to go around and make monthly payments on things like housing and auto. They have to make some choices such as dining out, insurance, investments, utilities. It’s all real life examples of what people go through on a monthly basis while budgeting, saving, and planning for the future.

These skills are critical when students get out into the real world and they have to do this on their own. They learn something from it and have a good experience.

“Amy Vetrone from Fortifi Bank contacted me and asked ‘How about a Reality Fair?’ I thought it was a great idea. The Juniors, in a year and a half, will be out in the real world, and that’s where reality sets in. Amy got a hold of community members to get this reality fair going. I appreciate their time, efforts, and knowledge to help our kids deal with reality as far as financial aid, finances, insurance, utilities. These are all things they should expect in life as they move on.” – Berlin High School Principal

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