“Three years ago, a group of us said, ‘you know what, we need to start marketing downtown. We need to give us a name. Just get the word out there that we’re here. We incorporated everyone on the street including the stores, the restaurants, the bars, the dentist office, the pharmacy. They’re all The Shops of Water Street.” – Matt Greget | Daiseye

“It’s a platform for social media. The way the events are marketed just brings the energy back. It brings people’s attention to Water Street. It’s the strength in numbers. It unifies us all and highlights the businesses.” – Matt Trotter | Teak&Soxy

“I think having our brand down here keeps us relevant. It helps keep this street from being empty. It’s a big deal to this town. We don’t keep twenty shops running just from the people who live here, and without the people of this town, we wouldn’t keep our shops open. Ya know, we all work together. The Shops of Water Street are a bunch of dreamers. We took a chance on something, somebody took a chance on us. It all trickles down. Talking about First National – We aren’t where we are today because our filled out paperwork fit into someones policy at a bank. It’s because someone saw our vision. They took the time to see what we can see and said ‘We believe in you. We support you.'” – Angela Zodrow | TWiGS

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